Lesson Cycle

The lesson cycle is a deductive model of teaching


Focus the learners attention on the task.

  1. Practice
  2. Diagnose
  3. Motivate
  • Focus should – relate to prior knowledge of learner; relate directly to objective; involve learner (overtly or covertly)


State in observable/measurable student terms what you want the learner to be able to do at the conclusion of the lesson (teacher objective).
Relate the learning to the individual and/or discipline (rationale).

  • Objective – builds and accountability; allows students to eliminate extraneous information; should correlate with the guided/independent practice.

Instructional Input

Disseminate the information to the learner.

  • Instructional input should – be teacher directed; the clean, clear and correct.


Demonstrate the skill or intended learning (the process and/or product).

  • Model – steps to follow (process); completed version (product).

Checking for Understanding

Check for understanding of the concepts.

  • Check understanding using a variety of techniques, including – individual/group; verbal/non-verbal; overt/covert.

Guided Practice

Perform the intended behavior with guidance by the teacher.

  • Practice – smallest amount with maximum meaning; periods should be short, intensive and highly motivating; mass initially/distribute over time.

Independent Practice

Perform the task independently for the purpose of reinforcing behavior and creating fluency.


Summarize the critical attributes of the lesson.

  • Summary may be provided by the teacher or students.