Craig Weaver

“Empower others to realize their potential”

Professional Summary / Leadership Philosophy

In 1995, I made a decision to follow my passion to help empower others to realize their potential. Since this time, I have been a youth pastor, teacher, principal, and organizational leader (professional and volunteer). I have received superior ratings for the organizations I have represented, but my greatest fulfillment is helping others build a healthy spirit, mind, and body.

Leadership must involve others, inspire others, and promote purpose based on values. An effective leader leads by example, wisdom, and integrity; always knowing he is the trusted steward of the people he leads.

Skills  Summary

  • Leadership
  • Management (personnel/programs/facilities)
  • Building Collaborative Culture
  • Staff Recruitment/Retention
  • Community Involvement
  • Communication
  • Building Partnerships
  • Finance Integrity
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic Planning
  • Developing Systems (processes/procedures)
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Program Design, Implementation, Evaluation

Professional Experience

Leadership & Management

  • Continuously improved all aspects of school organization. Previously an underperforming school, growing in population and ethnic diversity (92% ED / 51% ESL / 550 students / 44 staff), the school reached its highest ratings in three years and continues to sustain its current rating “Exemplary”.
  • Developed, facilitated, and monitored strategic/tactical plans; building purposeful, meaningful systems of processes and procedures.
  • Built collaborative groups by providing leadership and training to all stakeholders and empowered them by actively involving them in the key areas of planning, budgeting, curriculum, staffing patterns, organizational structure and staff development.
  • Increased community/volunteer involvement; high teacher/staff retention rate.

Financial Management & Fundraising

  • Aligned organizational goals (reflected in strategic plan) with budgetary priorities.
  • Maintained healthy fund balance (18% to 28% of total budget expenditure (2.3 mil total revenue)
  • Received support through local, state, and national grants (TIF, OHS, 21st CCLC, Literacy Council, NASA, etc.); fundraising, gifts, special events, book sales, vending machines, etc.
  • Ensured facilities and equipment were maintained in good working order, inspected to ensure safe and secure functioning to decrease injury incidences (labs, shops, and athletic facilities; field trips, athletic events, etc.)
  • Recognized for high level of program fidelity


Masters of Ed. & Superintendent Certification, 2001
University of Texas at Tyler
Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, 1997
University of Texas at Tyler